'Beef' magazine has an article with sound cattle ranching advice that we wanted to share with you.

If you are thinking of owning cattle, these are three ratios that you should think about to improve efficiency and profits.

Though this article will have an overview of these ratios and a few things to consider, be sure to check out the full article here. Also, be sure to check out the 'Related Links' at the bottom of this page for more information about improving grazing practices.

Land Efficiency: Acres per Cow

Land costs money. So the first way to improve your ranch's profitability is to reduce the number of acres used per cow.

There are two ways to reduce your acre to cow ratio and to economically improve your production. The first is…

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The Incentive Program

NRCS in Texas is making funding available through the agency's Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQUIP) for qualified agricultural producers to assist in conservation practices that help to sustain the lands natural resources during drought or assist during recovery. 

Since the drought so severely affects the agricultural production of Texas, NRCS is trying to help sustain the industry that makes up 36% of the producers within the state. 

Not only does NRCS provide an extensive list of counties that it will aid during this drought, but specific crops that they are looking to aid. To apply for aid check out their program here.

What a Drought Means for Your Land

Droughts have plagued Texas forever, but they…

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Question: Can you, as a buyer, possibly make a better deal by dealing directly with the agent whose name is on the “For Sale” sign?


Answer: Probably not...and the law (quoted below) puts you at a disadvantage.


AS A SUBAGENT: A license holder acts as a subagent when aiding a buyer in a transaction without an agreement to represent the buyer. A subagent can assist the buyer but does not represent the buyer and must place the interests of the owner first.


For clarity’s sake, understand that 1) the license holder is me, 2) the buyer is you, and 3) the owner is the individual who is selling a property.


Many buyers make the mistake of assuming that working directly with the license holder who is selling an owner’s property…

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A Texas hill country evening: a view over Texas Ranch Land

While using technology can help you get a 10,000-foot view of the Texas Hill Country and South Texas ranch market. It is no substitute for engaging with the experts directly, to assist your ranch-buying efforts.

That is why we encourage you to reach out to us at Legacy Broker Group, so we can better understand your needs, goals, personal style, and non-negotiables.

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If you have already created an account on our website, you need to know that the first search you performed has been saved for you and you will now begin to receive ranch listings that match your search criteria as new properties…

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Introducing Legacy Broker Group

Thank you for choosing Legacy Broker Group, your Texas hill country, and South Texas ranch brokerage resource.


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We honor your time by previewing and vetting identified properties to ensure that your time is not wasted on properties with hidden issues or surprises.



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